Our Cause

People with limb differences often grow up with the belief that they are alone with their misfortune, and rather imperfect. This builds up a heavy burden and bottled up depression.

This is where we started our mission, not to fill up their gaps, but rather appreciate their differences.

With our dedication to empower our bionic family members, we help them stand out in their society and shed the light on their uniqueness.

What we Aim For

A community that is dedicated to gather and unite individuals with limb differences. We celebrate their achievements and empower their capabilities.

We work to raise awareness that limb differences are opportunities to stand out, not a burden.

Our Values

Appreciating Differences
     Welcoming Others

No Prejudice

Positive Thinking

Our Family Duties





Mrs. Nisreen Ayoub

Mrs. Nisreen Ayoub, Haidar’s mom is one example of a fighter mother, whose only ambition is to see her child growing in a sane environment, free of prejudice.

With Bionic Family, Haidar and his family will be always supported, encouraged, and empowered. They will also model to other families how children should be integrated in their societies.


Mrs. Manal Akl

Mrs. Manal Akl. Fighter. Visionary. Enthusiast. Simply a Mother.

Telling her story with her bionic son, Karl, we sense how the blessing of a newborn drives us to be a better version of ourselves, all for the sake of our children.


Ms. Razane Sayed Ahmad

Ms. Razane Sayed Ahmad, the first Bionic Lawyer in Lebanon, describing her journey with Bionic Family. And how living with a limb difference did not stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer.


Mr. Ibrahim Cherfane

Mr. Ibrahim Cherfane, Gracia’s father, sharing his experience and knowledge to improve the G-ARM and giving his opinion after dealing with his daughter Grazia how people with limb differences are special people who are able to pursue a normal life without help.

At Bionic Family, we will always be supportive to each other.


Ms. Rita Esber

Rita Esber, bionic model, motivational speaker and  representative of the Bionic Family, sharing her experience with the G-ARM, and how it has made a positive difference in her life. She also explains how her role in Bionic Family is making her dream come true to raise awareness about limb differences, especially among children.

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